Importing from Bali to Australia

Importing from Bali to Australia

Colless Young’s international network includes Indonesia and, due to the complexities of doing business in Bali, we provide a specialized service designed to cater for trade and transactions with that fair island. As with all other points around the globe, we offer a complete menu of logistics from the placement of your orders right through to delivery for importing from Bali to Australia.

Why Should You Use a Professional Agent in Bali?

Knowing What You are Allowed to Import

The main products we see imported into Australia from Bali include furniture, handicrafts, foodstuff and used machinery, which all just happen to be the commodities that attract the most attention from the authorities who enforce our agriculture and biosecurity laws. All food, plant material and animal products will show up on the ‘quarantine radar.’ To buy and ship goods without checking first if they are restricted or prohibited, is a costly blunder that traps many importers. With the clear intention of ensuring importers take this seriously, the Australia Dept of Home Affairs points out that if you bring in prohibited goods, or untreated restricted goods, your cargo may be seized and you could face penalties of up to AUD525,000.00 or 10 years imprisonment, or both. If in doubt, seek professional advice before you buy and ship.

While most clothing and textiles are okay, and many of the wooden and rattan articles are admitted after the appropriate treatments and certificates have been attended to, we often see goods that incorporate quarantinable items which escape the attention of the buyer, but rarely evade the notice of our government agencies. These can include, for example, things like:
Animal products: feathers, shells, bones, horns, catgut and rawhide – most drums will be covered in animal skin, for example.
Plant products: bark, basket-ware or unprocessed straw or raw cotton, banana fibre, grass products such as water hyacinth thatching.
Soil: Used machinery, cars, bikes and boards must be cleaned in an approved manner.

Understanding Your Terms of Shipment

In international trading, there is always the question of who pays for what; not only the freight and terminal charges, but the packing, fumigation, trucking and loading at origin; the unloading, trucking, customs & quarantine clearance along with duties & taxes at destination. While many of our clients develop a good working relationship with their supplier, it is crucial that you both agree on the Terms of Shipment, e.g. FOB, CFR etc  prior to confirming your order.

For a comprehensive coverage of all the possible terms, visit shipping-terms – it has a link to handy PDF sheet with a Summary of Incoterms that you can save or print out.

Negotiating the Hurdles

Here at Colless Young we tailor-make the experience to fit exactly what you, the client, need. As a Licenced Customs Broker, our resources cover the complete range of requirements in clearing your cargo through customs and quarantine at all Australian ports and airports. Regulations and procedures need to be considered before you place your orders, and we’ll give you professional advice on import duty rates, GST, import restrictions, tariff classifications and concessions.  Quarantine treatments, inspections and certificates are arranged on your behalf, both at port of origin and destination.

Moving Your Cargo Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Arranging Your Shipments by Sea

In addition to Bali and Lombok, we are able to collect and arrange shipment from all islands and provinces in Indonesia, and cover major shipping ports such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Belawan Sumatra.  The most economical way to transport your cargo is by FCL (full-container load) either in 20ft, 40ft or high-cube shipping containers. For smaller orders, we outdo most of our competitors in operating a regular LCL (less than container load) facility between Bali and Australia.

When Your Goods Need to Travel by Air

When your goods are time-sensitive and need to travel by plane, our accredited agents are able to collect goods from across Indonesia and despatch from the major airports at Bali (Denpasar), Jakarta and Surabaya.  We are linked in with all major airlines – the national carriers as well as Jetstar and Virgin ensuring your goods are delivered on time and within budget.

Sourcing, Buying, Packing & Quality Control

Our Indonesian partners are happy to represent you in Bali as your buying agent if you are not already established in that area.