Expanding Scope of Container Inspections

The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) is expanding the scope of eligible sea containers permitted to be inspected under the Approved Arrangement Class 14.4 – Rural tailgate inspection.

They have issued notice no. 24-2024 titled: Class 14.4 Approved Arrangement – Expansion of eligible containers for Industry Inspection.

The notice is of interest to stakeholders associated with the biosecurity clearance of sea freight containers imported into Australia and destined for unpack in a rural location. These parties are referred to as Biosecurity Industry Participants (BIPs).

The expanded class 14.4 conditions authorise industry to inspect:

  • Sea containers where the commodity has been assessed and released on documentation, or by discussion with DAFF under certain permit conditions,
  • Sea containers with commodities requiring mandatory treatment prior to a rural tailgate inspection being performed.

Interim lodgement process
Until these changes are implemented in mid-2024, an interim process for lodging will be required to facilitate the change in scope. DAFF is working to make changes to the relevant systems that will allow accredited persons or brokers to self-direct these expanded types of sea containers using one of the two existing class 14.4 concern codes.

Under this interim process, importers and brokers must advise DAFF on initial lodgement of documentation that a class 14.4 inspection is requested. Failure to do so will result in the original direction of a departmental inspection being applied.

Industry support material
DAFF has published a Class 14.4: Rural tailgate inspection informative text and Class 14.4: Rural tailgate inspection awareness video to provide detailed information to assist participants to comply with the conditions of their arrangement. The support materials include information on industry direction types, identification and management of biosecurity risks with the container, release of containers from biosecurity control and reporting of inspection outcomes.

Follow this link for Conditions for operating approved arrangements.
Note: “Class 14.4 authorises the BIP operating either a class 1.1 or class 1.3 (with approved class 4.3 wash bay facilities) sea and air freight depot, where directed, to perform a rural tailgate (RTG) inspection on certain containers that are destined for unpack in rural classified location.”

As we reported in our recent article, DAFF Clarification on Rural Tailgates, it is important to determine whether the container is being unpacked in a metropolitan postcode or at a postcode classified as a rural destination. Regulations require the notice of goods that are the subject of an import declaration to include the place in Australian territory that is, or is intended to be, the final destination of the goods.

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