Ports Report: Delays & Cost Increases

Container terminals around the country continue to experience some vessel delays, while terminal fees continue to rise. Following is a round-up of the current situation, courtesy of DP World and Patrick Terminals.

DP World Terminal COVID-19 Update on Terminal Operations
DP World have issued this advice:
“We wish to advise that we currently are experiencing some scheduling delays due to the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce. 

“Currently, approximately 10% of our workforce are impacted through either having contracted COVID-19 or isolating at home with a positive case in their household. These numbers may increase as Australia works through the current COVID-19 wave.

“As always, our immediate priority is to continue to minimise service disruption and ensure our service levels for our customers are maintained, whilst protecting our people and the community.”

Patrick Increases Terminal Access Charges.
In a recent container monitoring report, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) highlighted that stevedore ‘landside and other’ revenue is “significantly increasing.” Some industry observers have questioned whether exporters and importers are paying duplicate landside stevedoring fees; once via sustained high Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) administered by many shipping lines; and twice via Terminal Access Charges and vehicle booking system fees administered by shipping line contracted parties.

Patrick has given notice that effective from 07 March 2022, Terminal Access Charges “per container charges” will increase (noting a differential between the import and export tariffs). Patrick appear to be implementing a 20% increase on Terminal Access Charges for Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

They have issued this advice: Patrick Terminals – Notice of Intention to change Landside & Ancillary Charges: Effective from 7 March 2022.

Patrick has completed a review of its Landside charge and other Ancillary Charges. The Landside charge partially recovers costs associated with providing Patrick’s landside operations and is essential to enable Patrick to continue to provide our customers with superior and efficient landside service levels.

“The Landside charge recovers a portion of the costs that relate to:
• capital investments and commitments made to infrastructure that supports our landside operations
• maintenance and operational costs associated with providing our landside operations and
• property and property related costs

Patrick add that they will continue to provide a concessional rate for export containers, “recognising the continuing challenges faced by Australian exporters.”

Australian Port terminals Update
Patrick: Vessel delays between 1 to 4 days.
DP World: Average delay of 1-3 days for vessels that are already arriving off the berthing

Patrick: Vessel delays are between 10 to 12 days. These delays are a result of slow
recovery from industrial action combined with high seasonal volumes. Patrick Terminals is
working closely with their Melbourne team to address these delays.
VICT: Current delay 3-4 days.
DP World: 1-3 days average delay for vessels that are already delayed and arriving off the
berthing window.

Patrick: Vessel delays are around 1 day. Vessel bunching with vessels of same service
delayed from origin that are arriving off the berthing window.
DP World: Current delays of 1 to 2 days. Vessel bunching with vessels arriving off the
berthing window due to delays in Asia.

Patrick: Terminal vessel delays of 1 to 2 days.
DP World: Vessel bunching with vessels of same service delayed from origin and arriving off
the berthing window.

We last updated news on Brisbane Port three months ago. On 10 January they issued the following clarification: QLD Government Critical Workers Update.

Critically essential workers update
A close contact. of a person diagnosed with COVID-19, who performs a critically essential role can leave quarantine to go to their workplace provided employers and workers meet the requirements for critically essential workers.

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