New Rules for Recycled Waste Exports

With effect from 01 December 2021, Australia will regulate the exportation of waste tyres under the Recycling and Waste Reduction (Export-Waste Tyres) Rules 2021. These measures will require exporters to hold a waste export licence and declare each export consignment of waste tyres to the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE).

Last year the Australian, state and territory governments, and the Australian Local Government Association, as members of the former Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that the export of waste glass, plastic, tyres and paper be regulated by the Australian Government.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has issued Australian Customs Notice No. 2021/44:
Commencement of the Recycling and Waste Reduction (Export – Waste Tyres) Rules 2021.

DAWE will administer licences to export waste tyres, which may be valid for up to three years. Waste export licences will be subject to conditions. Currently, there are no fees associated with getting a licence or declaring your consignments.

From 01 December, whole-baled tyres or tyres in pieces larger than 150mm will no longer be able to be exported from Australia. When tyres are exported for re-treading or reuse, suppliers must have evidence of a commercial relationship with an importer or with a verified re-treading facility. All exporters must also pass a fit and proper person test and declare each consignment to the both the ABF and DAWE.

Australia’s waste export ban is world-leading, with ours being the only country to have banned the export of its unprocessed waste. The intent of the measure is to prevent the export of unprocessed and densely packed waste tyres, which are likely to have a negative impact on human health and the environment in the receiving country.

Australia will introduce rules for the export of paper and cardboard commencing on 01 July 2024 and will also restrict the export of unprocessed single polymer waste plastic from 01 July 2022. Exporters of permitted waste materials will need to obtain an export licence by the required regulation date.

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